Mimic is an open source XML-RPC client implemented in JavaScript. It was classified as client, because it is only able to produce requests and parse responses, so you cannot use it to parse requests and produce responses as required for a server implementation.

It is intended to be embedded inside web pages and enable them to access web services based on XML-RPC through the W3C XMLHttpRequest interface.

It is compliant with the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome).


How to Use

It is very simple to use Mimic, you only have to produce a request and then process the response. To do it you only have to use two small objects XmlRpcRequest and XmlRpcResponse.

Bellow we show a very simple example of a calculator accessed from Mimic:


The code used to access this service is:



Mimic is an open source project dual licensed (MIT and GPLv3). You can download it form SourceForge.

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